Targeted Public Relations

Public relations is an essential component of an integrated marketing program. At Schultz Communications, we specialize in targeted public relations services—the fine art of identifying and serving a client’s target audiences—while simultaneously ensuring that the best interests of the client are served.

We work hard to build meaningful, long-term relationships with journalists, editors, and decision makers in all media. Our goal is to produce stories and media coverage that readers and viewers will perceive as “news” rather than sales-directed communication. The writers, editors, producers and other professionals with whom we work consider us not only as a liaison between our clients and the media but also as an industry resource–a respected source of information, artwork and industry trends.

Editorial Services

Based on our knowledge of your products and services, Schultz Communications will submit recommended news release topics and a timeline to you for consideration. Our editorial focus and/or story “hook” is based on our detailed knowledge of the media professionals who will receive the final news release.

A full schedule of news releases may range from a general company “backgrounder” and new product introduction announcements to several broad-based service pieces that include a client’s product as part of a larger story.

Media List Management

Schultz Communications creates and maintains lists of media professionals who cover client-specific categories for consumer magazines, newspapers, electronic media, online media and trade publications. As part of our ongoing public relations services, we continually update these lists for changes, deletions and additions.

Our in-house database of media outlets and media professionals enables us to contact the top editors, writers and producers who will be most likely to run media stories about our clients’ products.

Media Contact

We recognize that personal contact is one of the keys to executing a successful public relations strategy. Establishing a personal rapport with media professionals is absolutely essential in an age of information overload.

That’s why Schultz Communications is constantly looking for opportunities to connect with media people to build win-win relationships. We make media calls before press releases are distributed to “pitch” story ideas and new story angles. We also make follow-up calls to determine the likelihood of a story being used by a media outlet as well as periodic phone calls to ensure that our client’s products and/or services will be included in any stories already planned by the editor. And we contact writers and editors to offer product samples, electronic photos, or simply to say, “What can we do to make your life easier today?”

News Release Distribution

“Breaking through the clutter” is an ongoing challenge, so we don’t rely on any one method of disseminating information for our clients. News releases, photos and other client communications are distributed via email, electronic news services, first class mail, and sometimes via other distribution services. Our clients also benefit from being included in our monthly e-newsletter, Home, Garden and Homestead News. (See below.)

Home, Garden and Homestead Newsletter

Each month, Schultz Communications distributes a new issue of its e-newsletter, Home, Garden and Homestead News. Every issue is a concise overview of what’s new in the realm of homes and gardens, including new products from Schultz Communications clients, garden trends, news about the home and garden industry, and more. Just for fun, every issue ends with a gardening quote of the month.

Unlike other electronic communications and “blast” emails, Home, Garden and Homestead News is sent only to writers and editors who have been personally contacted by Schultz Communications staff. The nearly 2,000 media professionals who receive Home, Garden and Homestead News want to receive this information-packed newsletter. So they read it, and they consistently use the information found in Home, Garden and Homestead News in their stories and columns.